Charity Projects

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 For many years we have provided Starship with photography & images on a pro-bono basis. We have also been involved with Clown Doctors New Zealand & StarJam since their beginnings. Supporting sick, disabled or under priviledged kids.
Here is a letter of reference from Princess Katrina from StarJam which she presented as a speach at a StarJam monthly meeting.
This about some
One that takes the most amazing photos I have
ever seen and he calls me princess.  He has the
coolest photography studio and when I see him or
hear is name I start feeling really happy straight
away he makes me feel like a princess and he lets
me take photos at the star jam meeting. He's the
best photographer I have ever know who is this
incredartable and wonderful person that I am
talking about.  He is the one the only the amazing
Patrick Bellett.  I just want to say thanks Patrick
you are my favorite photographer.  I love helping
you out with taking lots of photos.  So I hope you
liked this speech.  I just read out to you now
thanks and I would like to sing a special song for
u  thanks so much love from Katrina
Thanks Patrick